Wherever can I publish my essay on training?

Issue by cuatro: Exactly where can I publish my essay on education and learning?
I wrote an essay on education — I need to have to endeavor to publish it someplace. I was contemplating my township’s education and learning newspaper. Is there any other platform I could use? Exactly where people willingly accept HS college students writing… like a journal or journal of some kind?

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Answer by J
You can try out Ezine: http://ezinearticles.com/

its an on the web write-up internet site that is like a weblog, but you need issues approved by their workers so there are only posts that are posted and not traditional blogs in which people just blabber about their day. i am fairly certain it’s no cost, and they deliver you a link so that you can e-mail the website link to folks you know to go check it out.

And indeed newbie writes are welcomed there.

and if that doesn’t function, consider calling your neighborhood newspaper or emailing them. most City newspapers are pretty open up to that kind of point.

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